Master Graduation

Climate based Terrain generation

Climate based Terrain generation is a procedural terrain generation tool for Unreal Engine 4. It allows you to create complex terrains based on climate data. Temperature, humidity and preciptation influence the generation of the terrain and help you define natural looking biomes for large scale terrains. Even after everything is set, you can easily go back to any settings, tweak the settings and watch the magic happen. Climate based Terrain generation allows YOU to iterate over complex large scale landscapes within minutes. Check down below what Climate based Terrain generation can add to your project.

This project was made for my graduation at the NHTV University of Applied Science for the Master Game Technology.

As part of the presentation I made a seperate website showcasing the tool including a trailer and tutorial. To get the complete image I certainly recommend to take a look at that website. You can find it by clicking on the image below: