These Substance Designer bricks are my first complex self-made material in Designer after I bought it in 2016 and followed some tutorials. The idea was to create bricks that you might find in old walls, catacombs or old (medieval) buildings.

As you can see, it is pretty complex graph. I tried to make each brick unique without losing the ability to tile this material a couple of times. Most effects are warped with a Directional Warp. This keeps the effects from getting an overlay look. For example, in a real world situation a crack in a brick does not continue in the next one. By adding the Directional Warp this doesn’t happen in the material.

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The bricks are designed to allow for different lighting scenarios. The overall look and feel will stay the same regardless of the lighting. This was achieved by focussing on the large shapes first: Chipping, Warping etc. Only after the large shapes have a unique look that still speaks of bricks, the surface detail and other noises are added.